Sherpa Programmes

Sherpa Kids offer’s a range of childcare care options

As Sherpa Kids franchisee, you have a range of available programmes to offer your local communities that bring an immersive and integrated OSHC environment for 2 – 18 year olds.

Sherpa Tots


AGE 2 – 6yrs – Sherpa Tots is perfect for the typical preschool child, who is full of energy for life, having fun, learning new things and they posses an eagerness to discover their own abilities.

At the pre-school age, their enquiring minds and their interest in new things and experiences concepts makes it so important that you choose childcare where your child’s development and education is fun-filled, offers choices and is based on learning through play (Playducation).



AGE 6 – 12yrs – Sherpa Kids is focused on school aged care where both after and before school, plus holiday care are an important part of the day for busy parents.

Managed by local franchisees, the Sherpa Kids’ activities include:

  • arts and crafts
  • music and drama
  • sport and games
  • cooking
  • technology

More than 80 Playducation themes have been prepared, equating to more than two and half years of fun and educationally engaging activities for these 6-12yr old children.

Every day can be a Sherpa Kids day. We meet with you and governing councils (if required) to meticulously understand the requirements of childcare in the community. We work with our teams of franchisees’s to design a tailor, purpose made childcare program that meets the communities unique needs. We share what has worked for others and the reasons why.

We then implement a fresh, innovative and resourceful new program with minimum of fuss. True Sherpa Kids Style!

Sherpa Base Camp


AGE 12 – 18yrs – Our team @ Base Camp are specialists in out of school hours care. We utilise global best practice and the latest research that underpins the need for support of teens as they meet the challenges of high school and the world that awaits beyond this.

We create a “home away from home” for busy working parents and teens who need a ”go to” place for the afternoons. On a daily basis our team manage activities that include:

  • Homework support
  • Assistance with extra mural and project time management
  • A free space to re-charge

At Base Camp, teens also have the opportunity to engage in leadership, community service and life skills initiatives that they choose and the key benefits of being part of Base Camp are:

  • Supportive relationships aimed at building on-going and open communication within families;
  • Sense of belonging and safety – physically, emotionally and psychologically;
  • lntegration with your school, family and community, allowing families to be families and taking the stress off parents worrying about their teens.



As part of the Sherpa Kids team you will deliver a ‘fresh and vibrant’ approach to childcare based around the concept of Playducation™. It provides an immersive and integrated learning environment that “gives children such a great time that they do not want to go home!”

Each week in our childcare centres we offer Playducation™, themed daily activities that include a mixture of:


Are you ready?

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