Many working parents in Ireland are desperate to find good quality childcare at an affordable price. Many more, who are looking to go back to work, are facing the age old catch 22 situation of “I want to but what do I do about the kids?”.

Finding high quality, value for money out of school hours care for national school aged children can be exceptionally difficult. Sherpa Kids – an international company that is locally owned and operated and runs before, after school and vacation care – is helping to solve this problem by expanding its services across Ireland.

Sherpa Kids, which now operates in many countries worldwide, has been in Ireland since 2014. It educates and entertains kids with a wide range of activities including arts and crafts, music and drama, sports and games as well as cooking and technology. Many activities are based on specific weekly themes and they are tailored to fit in with the individual requirements of schools and their curricula.

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